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  1. Diana Freed*, Sam Havron*, Emily Tseng, Andrea Gallardo, Rahul Chatterjee, Thomas Ristenpart, and Nicola Dell. “Is my phone hacked?” Analyzing Clinical Computer Security Interventions with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. ACM Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (ACM CSCW) 2019. [Paper PDF]. Best Paper Honorable Mention Award.
  1. Sam Havron*, Diana Freed*, Rahul Chatterjee, Damon McCoy, Nicola Dell, and Thomas Ristenpart. Clinical Computer Security for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence. USENIX Security 2019. [Paper PDF, Presentation Video]. Media coverage: MIT Technology Review, Cornell Chronicle, Smart Cities Dive.

  2. Rahul Chatterjee, Periwinkle Doerfler, Hadas Orgad, Sam Havron, Jackeline Palmer, Diana Freed, Karen Levy, Nicola Dell, Damon McCoy, and Thomas Ristenpart. The Spyware Used in Intimate Partner Violence. IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2018. [Paper PDF]. Media coverage: The New York Times, MIT Technology Review, Cornell Chronicle, Vox, Freedom to Tinker (Princeton CITP).

(*) indicates co-equal contributions.


  1. Sam Havron, Dave Evans. Poster: Secure Multi-Party Computation as a Tool for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis. IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2016. [Paper PDF, Poster PDF]


  • May, 2019